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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

what am i upto?

I bought my canon rebel about 2 months ago but haven't played with it much. I'm still shooting my photos in auto mode. I need to read that manual. Just took few of these photos couple of days ago.

Just finished reading the Kite Runner and wow what a book. If you're planning to read it then keep some tissues handy. I don't know if i can watch the Kite Runner movie.

I've been just pretty busy designing. I have this fun pack of doodle photo frames coming out this friday so don't forget to check out my store. I also have a valentine's day sale going on right now on my valentine products. They are marked down to 50% off. The sale will end tomorrow midnight PST so don't miss it.

Almost done with little goodies for you guys. I'll upload it tomorrow so don't forget to check back my blog tomorrow.

Have a great Day!



Anonymous Nancy Comelab said...

Hey girlfriend!

:) Glad I got you to update your blog... and link me to it!

Ah, the same thing is happening with me. I have this gorgeous Nikon D80 and even in auto mode my pictures are still crap! Lol. I certainly need to get out that manual.. I keep hearing "read your manual" and saying "yeah yeah" but never do it... ugh.

Have a great day!

1:33 PM  

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