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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Dancing Lines???

What's this? You might think. Well here’s the story. I love doodling. I've been doodling ever since i learned to hold a pen. My school notebooks, college notebooks, phonebook, diary, newspapers, magazines, basically any paper that i come in contact with has my doodle-prints. Doodling is just drawing bunch of lines, straight or curvy or swirly or horizontal or diagonal or vertical. So somehow i associated the lines with different dance moves. So why not name it Dancing Lines. I'm a digi-scrappoholic. I got hooked on to it last year and i haven't stopped. I've never done paper scrapbooking and never will i think. My inspiration for scrapbooking is of course my almost 2 years old daughter. I like freestyling. I use lot of doodling on my layouts. So here i am. I'll be sharing some doodling with you all as the blog journey progresses.

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